Apple’s AR Headset to overtrump Meta’s VR glasses in 2023

In 2023, Apple and Pegatron will begin mass producing an augmented reality headgear. According to company plans, the “Apple Reality Pro” augmented reality headset will be released in March of 2023.

Given the high asking price, it’s safe to infer that this headset will be produced in small quantities and sold exclusively to businesses. Apple, however, has promised that it would do all in its power to ensure that the price of its product is reasonable for everyone.

When it comes to aesthetics, the augmented reality headgear reminds one of ski goggles. “Mesh fabrics, aluminum, and glass” are the materials used to construct it. Compared to Meta’s Quest Pro VR goggles, this gadget is supposed to be substantially smaller and lighter in weight. Apple’s newest augmented reality headset can detect customers’ irises for instant account access. To now, Meta headsets lack this cutting-edge addition. It runs on an iOS spinoff called rOS and has the capability of providing 4K resolution to each of your eyes. It also has a CPU packed in, similar in concept to Apple’s newly unveiled M2 chip for Macs and iPads.

Apple believes it may succeed in the AR Headset market even with its hefty price tag. Moreover, Apple’s credibility has helped them build a solid client base. Apple’s augmented reality glasses may serve as an industry standard.

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