CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai speaks on Google’s cost cutting

Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google heard about many problems that are faced by its employees at the company’s all-hands meet. He further made an attempt to answer to the questions raised by the employees.

During the meet a question was raised related to the cost cutting that is done by the company on employees’ travel and entertainment budgets, potential layoffs and other matters. Another question that also came in front of the CEO which demanded an explanation on Google’s “nickel-and-diming employees” by cutting off the travel and other budgets, when the company is receiving profits and good amount of cash flow.

Responding to the questions Sundar Pichai said that the company is on its way of being a little bit more alert and responsible by implementing the most difficult “macroeconomic conditions underway in the past decade”. He clearly said that it is important for all the employees and members of the company to co-operate and help the company fly high in such situations as well.

Besides, on cost cutting Pichai mentioned that he still recalls those times when Google was scrappy and a tiny company. It was not always growing green thus all the employees should value everything and should not connect fun with money. He addressed to his employees and said that he thinks everyone can still be just like a hard-working startup employee and have fun at the same time.

He further explained the reason behind the company’s shift from “rapidly hiring and spending to equally aggressive cost saving”. He mentioned that he is concerned that his employees will consider the sudden cost cutting as an unfair saving. However, he clarifies that it was not so and according to him it is more important that the whole team is not getting disconnected. Pichai asked his employees to look towards the situation into a bigger picture by facing this situation as well.

In the meet he also tried to talk about many other issues such as big investments into projects and much more.

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