Did Apple just drop a ‘hint’ of the launching date for the Apple Watch SE 2?

Apple have been creating quite a buzz about the Apple Watch SE 2 lately. According to the reports, it can be assumed that Apple is planning a grand launch ceremony on 7th of September 2022. In the event it will launch three watches, i.e. Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 8 Pro and Apple Watch SE 2.

The first one is the basic Apple Watch, ‘Pro ‘ which is assumed to be the tough variation of the Apple Watch Series 8. As per the new reports, it is found that Apple Watch Series 3 models are all sold-out in every stores of the world lately. It seems like the brand might discontinue the production and sales of this model, very soon.

Currently, three out of four Series 3 configurations that were listed in the official website of Apple were found out of stock for the locations of Australia and the UK. It is also rumored that one Series 3 model is also not available in the stores of the US. However, in India you can still find the Apple Watch Series 3 models in the online stores of the brand. Although, the availability in several offline retailers in India is still doubtful.

Well, the bars have been raised quite high by the brand and the demands are touching sky right now. We will see if it is worthy or not and for that you have to wait for a few days more, and get the definite information regarding the same.

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