Google launches latest pilot that allows Android app developers accept payments using their own billing systems

Google came up with a new pilot that will allow Android app developers pay their bills by using any billing systems. The pilot will let developers from all around the world sign up for the program that is known as “User Choice Billing”. With this the customers can select if they want to pay their bills through Google Play or through some other payment app system of their preference. It was Spotify that first announced that it is heading for User Choice Billing.

This program is going to be highly beneficial for developers of non-gaming Android apps, as they can now register and opt for any billing method without always using Google Play billing. The diversified billing method usually needs to observe the payment information security standards PCI-DSS. Besides, there should be a good customer support for those billing methods, later they must alert the Google in case of any changes according to the app’s preferences.

However, even after the customers opt to use different payment method, the developers will still be hooked for service fees, which are discounted by 4% if they select alternative payment method. The Google explains that the collection of fees is a must in order to support continued investments across Android and Google Play”.

The pilot has been tested in several countries which includes, Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Repiblic of Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden.

Both Apple and Google were accused of anti-competitive behavior as the app stores collected fees. After that the User Choice Billing has been introduced, and also the Government of South Korea enforced laws that compelled Apple and Google to come up with alternative payment methods.

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