Meta’s chatbot claims that the company ‘exploits people’

A new Prototype chatbot designed by Meta shocked everyone when it replied to a renowned media platform suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta) exploits their users for money.

According to descriptions provided by Meta themselves, their chatbot uses artificial intelligence and can continue a conversation on almost all topics. Interestingly, when the chatbot was asked about  its view on Zukerberg, it came up with the reply “our country is divided and he didn’t help that at all”. The statement created quite a buzz after it was disclosed on Friday. The chatbot was released publicly which has been named BlenderBot 3.

The Meta in its defense said that the chatbot is just a prototype and can produce offensive or rude replies.

Reportedly, in some previous events in 2018 Mark has faced several questions and enquiry by US politicians.

The full statement from Blenderbot 3 read, “Our country is divided, and he didn’t help with that at all. His company exploits people for money and he doesn’t care. It needs to stop!” is making Meta a subject of criticism. Besides, last year a former employee of the company, Frances Haugen, had accused the company of prioritizing profits ahead of online safety.  

Meta owns the largest social media messaging apps and companies in the world, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

The accuracy of the chatbot BlenderBot 3 is still questionable, as the Wall Street Journal has mentioned previously that the chatbot told one of their journalists that Donald Trump was and will forever be the President of the US. It also called Mark Zuckerberg “Creepy”.

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