Microsoft plans to end another meeting-coordination service

In 2023, Microsoft will end yet another Cortana-related service. They assume this since their virtual assistant has vanished without a trace. Software Giant for Microsoft 365 is reportedly set to be discontinued in September 2023. However, you most likely will still find some of the features of the Scheduler service in some other product in the coming days.

Microsoft has yet to explain why they are discontinuing the service. Although, it can be assumed that the discontinuation of less used products from Microsoft is part of their strategy to cut off extra expenditure. There are other competing products like FindTime that serve a similar niche.

In June of 2021, Microsoft made the Scheduler feature available to all Microsoft 365 users worldwide in English. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, its introduction was pushed back from earlier that year. Big Name in Computer Programs Microsoft was once known as “,” a service that arranged user-initiated appointments with other parties. The user’s meetings were scheduled using natural-language searches. Additionally, the software’s support staff would send out emails and calendar invites to attendees before a meeting was scheduled to determine if they were available to attend. Users were also given the option to change the meeting time or date.

Well, as planned, the program will be retired in 2023, and it is hoped that Microsoft will soon introduce a superior replacement for the Software Giant.

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