Ministry of Brazil fines Apple over $2 million and also orders to ban iPhones that are sold without a charger

Brazil did not believe Apple’s justifications for continuing to sell iPhones without charging cables, even if the company always has some or other grounds that can defend its stance. But the Brazilian Ministry of Justice demanded a hefty punishment from Apple since the company failed to provide a power adaptor with the new iPhones. Total penalties for Apple amount to R$ 12.275 billion ($2.34 billion). The Ministry of Justice didn’t just slap Apple with a hefty punishment; it also ordered the company to cease selling any iPhones that don’t come with a charger.

Apple, in response to a ban and punishment from the National Consumer Secretary (SENACON), a division of the Ministry of Justice, stated it would “certainly work hard” to address the concerns raised by the SENENACON.

However, the company will be given a fair amount of time to pay the punishment before it goes into effect. If the Ministry discovers, however, that Apple has been evading the sales restrictions, the ban might be implemented immediately.

The Ministry’s ban and punishment judgment on Apple is not without merit. According to reports consumers have complained that the company was selling sub-par goods since the power cable wasn’t included with the phone. They went on to say that Apple’s claim that eliminating fees will be good for the environment is merely a marketing ploy to get consumers to support the company’s move.

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