Samsung launched its Knox Matrix blockchain-based security solution

Samsung has been quite the talk of the town lately. It is doing great by launching SmartThings, which is a platform that lets users control and manage their smart home devices. The South Korean technology giant announced at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022, that there will be a new and advanced update for the SmartThings platform which will be equipped with deeper integration with its smart assistant Bixby.

With the advancement of technology on smart home devices, it has become very important to enhance the security system as well. And to meet the requirements Samsung’s Knox Matrix has been launched to keep you all protected.

Well, the Samsung Knox Matrix is a security solution from Samsung that will provide full protection to all your smart home devices from any external threats. With this solution, all devices can protect each other even if they are made of different operating systems such as Android, Tizen, etc.

Samsung Knox Matrix works as a private blockchain system for the users. As per the brand the Samsung Knox Matrix will share credentials among the connected devices and safeguard the important information even between trusted devices, to ensure full security. Other than ensuring full security to all the smart home devices, this system will also allow the users to make changes according to the personal requirements. Users can customize the personal privacy settings in the latest privacy and security dashboard. The work of the dashboard is to scan for vulnerabilities, and suggest the required security updates. It also allows the users to organize the data with various options to update the privacy and security.

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