SK Telecom presents a new ‘lady robot’ Sua

SK Telecom, which is one of the top wireless carriers in South Korea launched a virtual human model, with the intention to showcase the artificial intelligence (AI)-based assistance platform of the brand. On Mind Inc., a 3D graphics developer, created the virtual female robot known as Sua.

The most recent efforts in virtual human development have resulted in this robot. Typically, gaming corporations are responsible for creating and releasing such products in South Korea. Rozy, a virtual influencer made by the video technology firm Sidus Studio X, is particularly well-liked. When they started appearing in ads for major brands, they shot to fame overnight.

Sua has been designed to work as an SK Telecom model in the company’s advertisements. Specifically, the A. division of SK Telecom which is basically a content streaming platform that operates in 10 channels streaming sports programs, drama series, movies and much more. The brand SK Telecom claims that the lady robot Sua is the very first virtual human in the country which will be used for advertising. It is found that Sua will make her debut with the popular K-pop singer Jang Won-young in A.’s new promotional campaign piece. The brand further informed that the facial structure and appearance of Sua has been graphically transposed with the actress that performed her role during the other commercial adds of A. Besides, the voice of the virtual robot has been formed by using the very prominent AI based speech synthesis technology of SK Telecom. The motive behind doing so was also to enhance and showcase their natural communication with users for real.

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