Will Apple switch to USB-C port with iPhone 15?

Recently, EU announced that all the manufacturers that make tablets, smartphones, headphones, headsets, cameras, keyboard, microphone, navigation device, e-reader, portable game consoles and speakers should compulsorily shift to USB-C port for their new products by the end of 2024.

The announcement of the new rule by EU was a big blow to Apple as the brand will have to change the charging port for iPhones from Lightning to USB-C. Moreover, the brand has time till the end of 2024 to make the changes.

Although, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman assumes that Apple might not let go of their exclusive image so easily. By 2024 the brand might use advanced technology in their iPhones, iPad, Airbuds, Watches, MacBooks, etc., that can charge the devices wirelessly.

Currently, Apple products such as iPhone and AirPods require Lightning cable chargers for charging. However, for iPad Pro (from 2018) and MacBook (from 2015), and MagSafe for the Apple Watch require USB-C chargers for charging. According to Gurman’s analysis, there are possibilities that iPhone 15 that is expected to launch in the year 2023 might have USB-C charging port.

It is very evident that Apple is well aware of the fact that the shift to USB-C port can bring many advantages to the users. However, the brand is not ready to “set a bad precedent” by making an official agreement that the development of its products are dependent on government’s guidelines. The brand would rather like it’s users to believe that it itself decided to switch to USB-C chargers due to its own reasons.

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